Wednesday, December 22

its been a year officially as soul-mate ++ (^_^)

happy belated anniversary buat kami ;) haha. lambat update..

seriously, i prepared so well to be on cruise 8, Danga Bay for dinner...hmmm but still, i was happy that day. he's such an amazing boyfriend who can comfort my feeling in all situation. what ever it is, i feel bless to be with him. And its necessary for me to be loyal, lovable, and reliable for him too.

God, please let me be with him forever to gone through all the path of our both sadness and happiness, let us sharing them...ameen (^_^)

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miss AIN said...
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miss AIN said...

happy anniversary syira :) may the happiness always be with you & him! don't forget, stay sweet & gorgeous as always you do!

at_sy@ said...

tq dzuzu!!! kamoo juga okeh, happy2 slalu same itu pakcik ikmal ;)
errggg, tp blog sy buruk kan? hmmm

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