Wednesday, March 23

My magic ice-cream!

When theres no one to heal my sadness, ice-cream always be my other half..perfect! soothing my emotional conflict as well, and sometimes its better than persons.haha. Awesome sgt kalau makan eskem sambil nangis2... Lagi awesome bila makan eskem mangkok besar hadap sorang2. tak yah sopan2 makan tu, senduk je trus masuk mulut. ahahahaha, kau akan rasa semua masalah kau tu macam kau senduk bawak masuk mulut dan akhirnya caer dan hilang. Senduk dan Senduk lagi bawak masuk mulut! Ambek kau masalah! kasi telan sama kau!muahahaha (ergg, nak story pon emo..haish!)=p

ni la eskem fav aku...Sedap tak hingat! Ni size besar...aku slalu beli size kecik je rm9. Beli yg besar ni aritu lepak ngan nani, rosdi, fatin, nieda...Makan same2 satu mangkok! Comot same2! hehe

Ni kalau lepak kat the curve, Lecka-Lecka Icecream always be my Fav.. Tak muak sgt rasa dia..BESH!

The following are a number of fun facts about ice cream that you’ll find interesting especially if you’re an ice cream lover like me. MAGIC NYA ICECREAM KU ;)

• The world’s favourite ice cream flavour is Vanilla with Chocolate running a distant second.

• The Beatles was the first rock band to have an ice cream named after them.

• Ice cream is an $11 billion-a-year retail industry wide world.

• Haagen Dazs isn’t really Danish. It’s made in New York. The original maker thought Denmark had a good marketing image and so did all he could to make his gourmet ice cream sound Danish.

• Before entering politics Margaret Thatcher was part of a team of chemists who invented the soft-serve ice cream making process and made it commercially viable.

• New Zealand has the largest per capita consumption of 23 litres yearly.

• The first ice cream advertisement appeared in 1777.

• Ice cream sundaes were invented when religious conservatives claimed ice cream sodas were too sinfully good to have on Sundays. Undaunted, ice cream shop owners held back on the soda water, thus creating the ice cream sundae.

• 50% of ice cream novelties popsicles, cones and ice cream sandwiches are consumed by adults.

• Kansas once had a law that banned ice cream from being put on cherry pies.

• On an average, It takes 50 licks to finish up a single scoop serving of ice cream on a cone.

• Children aged 2 to 12 years and adults over 45 years old eat the most ice cream.

• Ice cream contains more fat than gelato. Gelato is typically made with less butter fat and less sugar, and is frozen in small batches, so it is less aerated and denser than typical ice cream.

• Air is one of ice cream’s main ingredients. Without it ice creams would be as hard as a rock.

• Chocolate syrup is the most popular ice cream topping in the world. Whipped cream comes a close second though.

p/s: teringin nak makan ice cream goreng sekarang......nakkkkk!!!

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