Saturday, May 1

Cat gives a cardiac massage to his injured girlfriend

INFO: This stray cat was filmed in Turkey( Kızılsaray district of Antalya ) trying to reanimate his female friend who got hit by a car. Even though some people tried to help him, the white cat wouldn't let them come near for two straight hours. Finally a vet arrived and took the injured cat. Sadly, it was too late and he couldnt resuscitate the feline.

p/s: Sad story behind this footage. The cat failed to resuscitate his mate, but the efforts he made to revive her was very noble and notable. It's just sad that even some human can't do this onto fellow human.

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OnE HeArT..OnE LoVE.. said...

oh my god...i cried watching this.hmm..sgt sedih.

cemomoi said...

nilai sebuah kasih dan sayang untuk manusia jadi ikhtibar

H-A-Z-I-Q said...

im totally love sad..

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