Wednesday, January 12

Purpose of Writing

A cousin of mine once asked me, what is the purpose of having a blog?

"It is for the sake of writing". That was my answer.

I have come across a lot of blogs since I happened to have a blog of my own. There are a lot of writing purposes. To share (thoughts whatsoever), to care and no less to cause bizarre. Those days, people wrote in their own diaries or journals. Those days everything was kept almost in secret.

Now that this electronic and within-a-fingertips-touch journal a.k.a blog is available (and with various provider too), people start to share their then-were-all-secrets thoughts. I remembered my late grandpa wrote in his diary so much I didn't know what he was writing (the diary was burnt as per his request in his will). Maybe he had some thoughts or things he didn't feel like sharing it.

Nowadays this blog is used for various purposes (as I stated above). Some want to share their feelings, turned their blog into diaries (even for things they shouldn't share at all), to share their care or to throw tantrums to some parties. I reflect deeply to my own thought, had they ever thought about the consequences of their writing (regardless of purposes) to others and also themselves, because of their claims and shouts?

Let me tell things straight here. What comes out from our mouth (or in this case, "fingers" for blogging) could be considered as the main reason we live in mutual peace. But that is only applicable for mutual postings. What if the posts are offensive and full of evil thoughts? Those will be the main spark for a war that will last for a string of generations. What is the reward for telling those offensive thoughts? The government will put you high up on the throne?

Suddenly, the words "swallow, though it will burn you" come crossing my mind. I must admit that "burning" ourselves alone rather than putting everyone else joining the tray (I mean "tray", not "fray") is better.

Now, I am reminiscing the moment my late grandpa called me on one fine evening (I was 5 or 6 that time). He patted my shoulder though I was sweating all over after having a shirtless run-around with my brother. I thought he would scream me for running around shirtless. But man, I was wrong after the pat. He said, "If you have something good that would benefit everyone, share with them. But if you find something bad about something, don't go tell everyone about it. Only tell the ones who should deal with it..." I didn't understand the words he said. But after being a grown-up, I found it clear what did he mean.

p/s: credit to master pamy, cousin of mine ;)

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