Wednesday, February 3

'Coupling' Thingy.

Last week, i had a deeply touched conversation with my bro about a view of a relationship. i got issued him when he add his girlfriend's name in siblings list *facebook absolutely*. i called him coward caused i thought he just want to pretend his SINGLE status among his girls buddies. Without any defending answers, he asked me, 'do you think that you owning your BF by changing your status from 'single' to 'in a relationship with haziq senin'??'
For me, there's no such "owning" thing, because we have no right to own anything, for the fact that everything belongs to the God the Almighty who has control over everything in this world. We are granted to have a thing or two just for a matter of time and for some reasons mostly we didn't understand or even realize. Technically, I just want to appreciate my bf. Not owning him or let everybody knows that his mine and just mine. Nope! ***My bro accepted my very nice script answer ;p*

Sincerely, I’m quite easy to get jealous on my bf even when he answered called from other woman. Hence, I always remind him to be loyal to me. Each time I reminded him, he said he will never fall in love with other woman because I already stole his heart. It’s made me like WOAAA~ but I know this behavior is just being accepted in the earlier stage of love relationship. It must be stop before it’s too late without happy ending. As my bro advised, treasure your partner while you can before they go slipping through your fingers. He's totally right. Thus, I think I should be more positive toward my bf and our relationship.

For me the turning point of a relationship is just accepting your partner just the way our partner is, and the same should be done by our partner - accepting us just the way we are. The God created His creatures in pairs, in which male come female, and right come wrong. Positive come negative. There is no way these creatures will be the same, but it is up to us to align and reconcile each other. =)

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zaradgreat said...

all own by Him forever,,
nothing lasts...

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